Strings are the most important part of your tennis equipment. When playing, the strings are the only thing that makes contact with the ball. If your string tension is off or you do not have the correct string, it can feel like you are using a completely different racquet. We will help you select the correct string and tension, and you can be confident that your racquet will have the exact feel that you desire. We string over 10,000 racquets a year from absolute beginner to collegiate tennis players and touring professionals. Consistency is the key to stringing. We only use Babolat stringing machines, which are calibrated regularly to ensure that your racquet is strung at the exact tension.

We use Leather Pads in all of our racquets, except for those that incorporate round grommets such as Babolat and etc. Leather pads round off the strings in the throat and at the shoulder to prevent premature breakage, and provide a softer feel upon impact.

•We also string badminton, racquet ball, and squash racquets.


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your advantage chicago store
your advantage chicago store
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your advantage chicago store