TENNIS RACQUETS

BABOLAT PURE AERO                        BABOLAT PURE DRIVE                        HEAD XT RADICAL PRO
HEADSIZE: 100"                                     HEADSIZE: 100"                                  HEADSIZE: 98"   
WEIGHT:  300g / 10.6oz                        WEIGHT:  300g / 10.6oz                      WEIGHT:  310g / 10.9oz                                             

HEAD XT SPEED PRO                           YONEX EZONE DR 98
HEADSIZE: 100"                                     HEADSIZE: 98"
WEIGHT:  315g / 11.1oz                       WEIGHT:  310g / 10.9oz


Used by pros like Nadal and         The best natural gut available     Soft, lively multifilament - excellent
Tsonga - Octogonal profile -               (15L/16g/17g in stock)                 for those Seeking power
Excellent spin and durability

Used by ATP pros Andy Murray,      Used by Roger Federer and Novak     Used by ATP pros Ferrer, Almagro,
Del Potro, and Berdych - Great         Djokovic - softer than its smooth     and Robredo. Another good polyester
durability and spin for big hitters                         version                              option for durability / control
The #1 selling string in the world         Soft, playable synthetic gut;           A kevlar main / Syn-Duraflex cross
                                                        a good "next step" for those           produce this most durable hybrid
                                                           looking to move on from
                                                                 basic synthetic

Edged polyester - excellent "bite"       An incredibly soft, comfortable          The closest multifilament to
              and durability                                  multifilament                                   natural gut  
                                                           **AKA - WILSON NXT**
 Good all-around multifilament;     The sharpest edged polyester     Another all-around multifilament
Comparable to Wilson Sensation 

One of the most iconic overgrips of all time,                     AKA: "Wilson Pro" overgrip, Yonex Supergrap
with its trademarked light blue color, TOURNAGRIP         provides a perfect balance of tack and softness.
has been used by pros from Sampras to Murray to
the Bryan brothers.  It features the most reliable
dry feel of any other grip.


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